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AvaTrader is AvaTrade’s exclusive forex and CFD trading platform, available for desktop as well as mobile devices. The customisable platform includes automated trading and trade alerts and allows traders to place a full range of orders, stops and limits.


Key Features of AvaTrader

AvaTrade’s platform offers a range of features, including:

  • Single-Screen Trading: Trade over 200 instruments (including currencies, equities, commodities and more) from a single screen.
  • Trade from Charts: Trade the markets the way you prefer- from charts, from the dealer rates window or via the platform toolbar.
  • Advanced Trading Tools: The AvaTrader platforms contain over 30 built-in indicators and tools that can be applied to real-time trading charts.
  • Customise Your Trading Terminal: All windows within the platform are configurable to your needs.
  • Auto-Trade Forex: Link your automated solution to AvaTrader and test proven routines or create your own.
  • Autochartist Automated Technical Analysis: Qualified customers gain access to Autochartist’s analysis tool.


AvaTrader Platform


Video Transcript- AvaTrader Introduction for New Traders

AvaTrader is a trading platform that allows you to buy and sell currencies and other financial instruments. The top section of the AvaTrader interface is the toolbar. Use the toolbar to quickly navigate your way around the platform. The tabs on top of the toolbar can be used to quickly locate the icons you need. Use the helpful mouse-over hints to view descriptions and hints for each

The middle section of AvaTrader consists of your workspaces- this is where all your trading takes place. Here you can open or close positions, place various orders as well as view and analyze charts. The workspaces are customizable and you can have as many workspaces as you need. Use the tabs on top of the workspaces to navigate between them. Right click to create new work spaces or close the ones you no longer need. Use the desktop profile feature located under the Home tab of the toolbar to save your custom layouts, load preset default layouts or load your saved custom layouts.

The bottom section of AvaTrader is the account information bar. Here you can see your balance, equity, usable and use margin as well as your net profit and loss, all updated in real time. The dealing rates window displays the current market prices of financial instruments. If you do not see the dealing rates window, navigate to it from the Windows tab of the toolbar to open a buy or sell position. Click on the ask or bid price respectively; a new position dialog box will open, enter your desired amount and click OK to open the position.


Open and Close Positions

The open positions window lists all of your open positions. If you do not see the open positions window, navigate to it from the Windows tab of the toolbar. To close a position, click on the close price in the open positions window. The closed position dialog box will open. To close the entire position, click OK. You can close a part of the position by entering the amount you wish to close. A new position with the remaining amount will appear in the open positions window.

Use stop and limit orders to close a position automatically when the desired price rate is reached. To place a stop or limit order right click on the position you want and select stop or limit. An order dialog box will open; select the price rate that the order should execute at by adjusting the rate directly. Alternatively the distance in points from the current rate or the projected profit and loss can be modified to adjust execution price for orders. Click OK to place the order.

The orders window lists all of your active orders. If you do not see the orders window navigate to it from the Windows tab of the toolbar. Use the orders window to modify or remove orders that have not reached execution price yet. To change the price of an order right click on the order and select modify order. Enter the new price for the order execution and click OK. To remove, right click on the order and select remove order.



Charts are used by traders to review and analyze market trends for instruments. Charts are opened by clicking on the new chart icon found in both the home and charts tabs of the toolbar. In the new chart dialog box select the instrument and timescale you need and click OK to open the chart. You can add multiple drawing tools and indicators to aid your analysis and even close or open positions with our trading from charts functionality.


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