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Foreign exchange, commonly known as forex or FX, is one of the largest financial markets available for trading online and probably the most popular one.

Forex trading enables the trader to foresee movements in the global currency market.

The forex market is the leading and most liquid global marketplace and thus outmaneuvers other markets in size. The market’s traded daily value is $5,000 billion and therefore provides the investor with a multitude of trading prospects. But first, the trader must comprehend the basic workings of the massive market. The arrival of the internet revolutionized trading as today anyone can trade currencies easily by choosing from any number of online brokers.

All forex trading is electronic and takes place over-the-counter (OTC), meaning that exchanges ensue via global networks. Currencies are traded all over the world and the ever-expanding market is open 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week therefore the investor is able to open and close positions any time or keep a position open for days or months.

The global forex market gives the investors a chance to trade at any time without missing a beat and the market gives ample opportunities to trade on events and other significant world occurrences. This is the main reason why the forex market is unlike any other market.

Become a professional forex trader

The ‘Forex School’ provides the trader with a glimpse into the exciting world of professional forex trading. The purpose of the ‘Forex School’ is to provide a cursory introduction into the stimulating world of forex trading.

An investor interested in making most of the market would be well advised to peruse the articles in this section to internalize the basics of trading in order to gain the ability to move further in the world of forex and to eventually tame the forex beast and make a bundle!

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