Geopolitical Uncertainty Limits the Pound’s Prospects

The GBP/EUR currency pair is trading at 1.12988, down 0.6574%. The 52-week high for this pair is 1.12855 on the low end and 1.3731 on the high-end.
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Is Investor Sentiment Improving for the GBP?

The GBP/USD currency pair is currently trading at 1.2506, up 0.3852% or $0.0054. The sterling is steadily rising from its Brexit lows.
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Which Currency in the EUR/GBP Pair Will Give More This Christmas?

The EUR/GBP currency pair is currently trading at 0.8422, up 0.3243% or £0.0026. The EUR is enjoying modest gains in the final days before Christmas and New Year.
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Risk-off Approach in Europe Weighs on the GBP

Neither the EUR nor the GBP are favoured currencies at this point in time. There are simply too many unknown variables at play in Europe and the UK.
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GBP/EUR Pair Rallies with Italian Referendum Pending

The GBP/EUR pair is trading at 1.1646, down 0.33% or 0.0038. The 5-day performance of this pair shows a 0.43% appreciation.
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A November Surprise for the GBP/EUR Currency Pair?

The GBP/EUR pair is one of the most important majors. It is currently trading at 1.1237, up 0.04%.
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Weak GBP Not Necessarily Bad for All UK Workers

Approximately 200,000 workers from the United Kingdom stand to benefit from GBP weakness. Find out how the Brexit vote is impacting UK earnings.
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What Is the Consensus on the GBP/JPY Currency Pair?

The GBP/JPY currency pair is trading at 131.7974, down 0.4458% or 0.5901 Japanese yen. Find out what currency experts anticipate for this pair.
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Where to Next for the GBP at Historically Low Interest Rates?

The Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee voted 9/9 in favour of a 25-basis point rate cut. The GBP has held up surprisingly well. Read more!
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How is the GBP Faring Against the Greenback?

The appointment of Prime Minister Theresa May has had a mixed effect on the FTSE 100 index and the GBP. Find out how currency speculators are reacting to the latest British Prime Minister.
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